Ukulele Public School Program has ended until the Fall

Over the summer organizers are hoping people will continue to support this valuable school program.


1.      Save your change and send it to the Guardian Drugstore (there is a small jar on the counter for you to donate to this music program).  The bank no longer has a way of collecting your change.  We have over the season collected close to $200.00.  Thank you all for your support.

2.      Write a cheque to Kawartha Pine Ridge Public School District – any cheque over $25.00 will get a receipt.  Mail this cheque to 65 Parliament Street and I will get it into the proper account.  Be sure to put Ukulele program on the cheque and if you like, you can designate the school of your choice.

3.      Hold a fundraiser over the summer and send proceeds to 65 Parliament Street. (a garage sale, bottle drive, a ukulele marathon)

4.      Anyone wishing to help with the finances let Janice know as another pair of hands would be welcomed.

5.      Anyone out there that can help research a grant please come forward.  We have the summer to look at possibilities.