Colborne & District Lions Club sponsoring e-bin

The Ontario Energy Stewardship folks are going to be delivering a bin to the Colborne Public Works yard courtesy of the Colborne & District Lions Club. So you now have a destination for all those electronic hangers-on and old devices cluttering up your home, office and garage.

Get rid of them! Their days of useful service have come to an end. Do not be attached to them. Unlike your grandpa’s old Deere Tractor, they will not be showing at the Fall Fair.

Just take ‘em to the bin, say, “Thanks for the memories!” and walk away with a clear conscience that they will be disposed of in a manner that will not impact the earth.

What to toss? Desktop computers, cell phones, telephones, home theatres, images, audio and video devices, old TV’s, printers, of course. Pretty much anything that has a cord or takes batteries.

The more you deliver the more the Lions Club will benefit, too. As the Stewardship pays money per tonne of recyclables.

“We are having our bin in the public works yard in Colborne from April 21-28 for anyone wishing to drop off items.  Any money earned goes back into the community,” says Kim Carr of the Colborne & District Lions.


Protect your privacy. Clear all personal information from computers, cellphones and electronics prior to drop off.

Ensure all memory storage areas have been cleared

of private information.

To find out how:

consult manufacturer’s websites or electronics owner’s manuals

download software from the Internet

ask an expert