“Warkworth by Night” Winter Workshops’ Creations to be Showcased at Ah’s Street Festival June 2

from left, Arthur Teixeira, Josh Bose, Zoe Barron and Ella Barron with MPP Lou Rinaldi.MPP during a constructive moment

Article by Sue Dickens; images submitted

Giant puppets are coming to life at Ah! Arts and Heritage Centre in Warkworth. Lou Rinaldi, MPP Northumberland—Peterborough South, dropped by recently to see the creations which will be showcased on June 2, at the Centre’s street festival.

“Earlier this year the Centre received a grant from the Ontario Arts Council in support of our Animating “Warkworth by Night” winter workshops and creations for Ah!’s street festival,” said Jennifer Crinion, a Toronto artist who now lives in Warkworth and is the administrator of Ah!

Arthur Teixeira shows off a partially constructed bird, one of several puppets that are being created by the participants in the Ah! workshops. Photo submitted

“The response from the community has been great and the workshops are full,” she added. Using donated and recycled goods, participants working in small teams are constructing the giant puppets.

“Entering our fourth week, the puppets are beginning to come to life. The inspiration and creativity is a joy to be a part of and Ah! is thrilled that we can offer such a unique way to bring the community together to make art,” Jennifer told Trent Hills Now.

Masks, costumes and giant puppets are being made in preparation for the second annual street festival, Warkworth by Night, which will take place on June 2.

“Multiple puppeteers will be needed to animate the creatures and bring Warkworth by Night to life,” Jennifer explained.

Delphine White, Acting Director of AH!, a costume designer for film and television, is leading the project. “Her tireless efforts to bring these workshops to fruition needs to be mentioned here,” said Jennifer.

“Her vision is grand and she has made it happen with grace, kindness and many volunteered hours of her time.”

Others who are helping and deserve a big thank you for their efforts include Carolyn Megill and Christine Wright, who have spent countless hours between workshops ensuring every Saturday is fun for the participants, productive, organized and magical. 

All puppets, masks and costumes will be on display in the Ah! building at 35 Church Street in Warkworth during the Maple Syrup Festival March 10 and March 11.

For more about Ah! go to: https://ahcentre.ca/

Editor’s Note: December 2017 MPP Lou Rinaldi announced that through the Ontario Arts Council (OAC), the province would be providing $10,000 in support for the Ah! Arts and Heritage Centre’s Animating “Warkworth by Night” Winter Workshops & Spring Creations for Ah!’s Street  Festival.

“Warkworth is home to a thriving arts community and that was fully recognized today by the Ontario Arts Council. The Ah! Arts and Heritage Centre continues to be at the very heart of this artistic-cultural life. I know this grant will be used by Ah! to continue their tradition of bringing the best the arts have to offer to Warkworth and the surrounding communities,” said MPP Rinaldi.