It is time for local residents to get on the band, meaning step up and help support the local music programs at the Colborne Public School and Northumberland Hills Public School.

During Cramahe  225 / Canada 150 celebrations generous donations helped start the Ukulele program at two Cramahe Public schools.  The program was well received and the students have loved it. The Ukelele as and instrument is very accessible for all ages. Recently, the Rotary Club of Colborne has donated in $700 to support the program for 10 weeks. However, the need for additional donors is pressing if the program is going to continue beyond a “one off” year of music education.

According to Janice McKnight, who by her own admission, is –  just a Grandma who thinks Music is important, “the result of the Ukulele classes…has increased awareness of the necessity
of music in the classrooms.”

“Some money has been collected but it is my hope to build funding to cover 3-5 years of instructions and keeping equipment updated and repaired.”

A receipt can be issued from the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board for donations of $25.00 or more. The cost of a Ukulele is between $30-$40 each.”

I am hoping that Cramahe residents will get on the bandwagon (pardon the pun) and help us continue this wonderful music program in our two Cramahe public schools.”

Contact Janice McKnight to help: 905-355-3799

email here: