If you have a sea-captain, buccaneer, privateer, shipbuilder or sailor (or even a rum-runner:  we’ll be discreet!)  somewhere in your ancestry or your own past, Heritage Cramahe would like to hear from you. 

Lake Ontario was the first “highway” as there were only hand-hewn trails through the forests for land travel. It was many years before land transportation became common or efficient. The coming of the railroad in 1856 changed everything.

For a long time, the Great Lakes ruled. The Heritage Room in the Colborne Art Gallery is going to celebrate this fact with,  Paddle, Sail and Steam. The exhibit will open in time for Heritage Week, on February 23-24, 2018.  It will look at the golden age of sail, romanticized as it may be by the passage of time, but also  at how lake shipping has changed and evolved over the decades.

“I hope people aren’t getting tired of me asking for content for these exhibits,” says Barrie Wood, point man for the creation of the exhibit. “Once again, we are calling on all our citizens to help with this endeavour. We need photos,  sketches, letters, invoices, bills, written descriptions, anything tied to shipping on the Lakes. 

We also would like to feature life in the lakeside villages, especially Lakeport, where the original Keeler wharf was located and a vibrant village  sprang to life.”

This is the fifth exhibit mounted by Heritage Cramahe and past support from the community has been outstanding. The show will be shaped by what people bring forward.

“We anticipate that there are many artifacts and stories out there, and we sincerely hope that people will contact us so that these remarkable stories can reach the light of day in the Heritage Room.”

Email: barriedwood@gmail.com or phone 905-355-3137

info on past shows at heritagecramahe.ca