Good friends Jen McGlennon and Lisa Heath having chatted about doing something together for some time, decided to get serious about it in September. They took over the retail space at 24 King Street in Colborne, the former Buy and Sell space, and spent five weeks giving it a good going over.

They opened Polish House and Home Friday, November 3.

“Colborne needs this, “ says Lisa. “We love this kind of stuff. We both had excess furniture in our homes, things we had gathered over the years, inherited. We needed a space to showcase some of it.’

“Good taste” is going to be the secret of their success they claim.

Quoting from their new brochure Jen says the store carries, “ A variety of vintage and modern furniture, as well as soaps, linens, glassware, handmade goods and more. Something for everyone to make your house a home. Gifts for all occasions.”

Lisa adds, “A mix of old and new. We try to source out stuff for a good price so we can sell them for a reasonable price.”

“We decided we would like to have our own house brand label,” says Jen, “so Lisa designed the label. And I put the ingredients together. We offer six different scents. There is peppermint, vanilla, eucalyptus, citrus, pomegranate, milk and honey bath salts, bombs and soaps.”

Lisa likes refurbishing vintage items having spent years learning her craft while working on her home.

How do the two women see their new business fitting in with the retail landscape of the town?

Lisa says, “I wanted to do something in the town… I think there should be more merchandise places… It is busier along the Apple Route now. It seems like a good time to do this.”

“I see people stopping by all the time and they go to Lotsa Stuff. Then there is nowhere else to go. I see us an “and” to them not an “either/or.”  Warkworth has a nice selection of stores and it has become a place to go. So I think this town could really use this store.”

Tuesday to Sunday 10 – 5

24 King Street, PO Box 246

Colborne, ON, k0k 1S0