There are thousands of adorable and not so adorable farm animals loitering around Cramahe. For the most part, they are very approachable especially if they think you are going to feed them. Certainly, most don’t mind having their picture taken! There are more than a few cows that I know really enjoy the opportunity to pose for a photographer.

The Cramahe Township Public Library is having a little contest – A Farm Animal Photography Competition – to celebrate the presence of all these delightful critters we rely on. The winner will be announced Friday, November 24. If you submitted a photo, well, good luck.

If you missed that competition and you are a Cramahe Youth, you can participate in the Canada 150/Cramahe 225 Youth Video Competition.

You have two themes to pick from: Why I love Cramahe or My Canada.

So if you are an elementary or a secondary student, grab your smartphone, your video or DSLR and start capturing some great images.

You might have to edit as your submission is not to exceed three minutes.

And, the best part….. (drum roll, please) there is cash. Yes. Money. Prize money. A hundred dollars for first, seventy-five smackeroos for second place and third will get you half a C note aka $50.

You must be a resident of Cramahe and you must respect the deadline which is November 30, 2017 … 5 pm at the latest..