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With 42 years in the martial arts, Grandmaster Richard Buchan has been formally teaching as the founder of Kosho Ryu International martial arts organization headquartered in Canada. With the experience and training in many combat systems, expertise in Ki power and other arts forms, Hanshi has work hard for the last 15 years of his world seminar tours teaching and learning to develop a complete combat self defence System. Hanshi’s rank is certified & recognized through the International Martial Arts & Culture Federation of Japan & signed by Shigeo Oomae, vice minister of Defence, Japan.

His teaching methods are a testament to his love of learning, whereby humility has easily become a fundamental principle that not only illuminates the tenure of his accomplishments but those of his students world wide.Hanshi Buchan has been instrumental in the growth and teachings of his “ultimate combat self defense system” in Canada and many countries around the world. With a history of service in the Canadian Military (infantry), Hanshi Buchan has had extensive training in the area of hand-to-hand combat and weapons combat techniques with – Navy Seals, US Marines, Canadian Armed Forces and many martial art grandmasters around the world.

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