Above L to R: Councillor Donald Clark, Cramahe Maryor Marc Coombs, Rotary Club President Jay Robinson. The Rotary Club of Colborne presented the municipality with a $5,000 donation to the Keeler Center on Saturday Night at the 33rd Annual Harvest Auction Dinner and Dance Fundraiser.

Story & Photos by Ted Amsden

The Rotary Club of Colborne along with their participating food, drink, serving and other partners outdid themselves Saturday Night at the Keeler Centre. The event was the 33rd Annual Harvest Auction Dinner and Dance Fundraiser.

By any measure, it was a grand success. Great money was raised during the silent and live auction conducted by the ever personable Bill Warner.

The regionally and locally inspired food prepared masterfully by King’s Plate Catering was a favourite for many people. As was the serving verve of the Cramahe Fire Department members. 

And the willingness of those attending to dress brightly for the occasion was also quite eye appealing.

According to Rotary Club President, Jay Robinson who was elegantly dressed for a historical dinner party, last night’s affair at the Colborne Keeler Centre was the yearly fundraising highlight of the organization. He said, “This is a huge opportunity for our club to show everybody how much we care.”  

All the money raised through the sale of tickets, two auctions (over 80 organizations donated more than 300 items) 12 live auction prizes and three raffle ticket draws drive funds directly back into the community he said into such organizations as the Cramahe Public Library, Rotary Centennial Park, Brand 187 R. C. Legion.

Last night Jay presented a check for $5,000 on behalf of Rotary to the municipality specifically for the Keeler Centre with $2,500 for upgrading the WiFi services at the centre and the other $2,500 for second-floor Rotary Hall improvements. 

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