As was reported earlier, Cramahe Fire Department responded to the above address on the evening of Friday June 9th. The building appeared to have a structural compromise on the north-west wall &was evacuated immediately. The next evening a portion of the outer face of bricks fell away.

Since that time Cramahe Township staff has been working diligently along with the building owner and various agencies to
firstly make sure that the residents are safely housed and looked after and secondly that the remedial steps required to make the
building safe are undertaken.

As of  Tuesday, June 20th, the municipality can report the following:

  • Northumberland County Social Services continues to provide accommodations and provide to the needs of the displaced residents.
  • The building owner’s structural engineer’s report has been received and reviewed and Cramahe’s Chief Building official is in agreement with the steps that will be undertaken to stabilize, partially re-occupy and fully restore the building.
  • The municipality has received a building permit application which is being processed by staff, allowing work to commence on the building, which includes temporarily reinforcing the northwest area of the building to stabilize the compromised west wall.

As well, the safe re-connection of all utilities needs to take place. Once all of the work is completed on the building, re-occupancy of a portion of the building will be considered but the completion and time-frame to complete the work is contingent on the availability of contractors, permits, inspections and 3rd party service providers.

 “With a lot of hard work on behalf of everyone involved we are moving forward in a positive direction and I hope that the tenants will soon be able to get their lives back in order.” adds Mayor Coombs

For more information:
Craig Brooks, CAO
Phone: 905-355-2821, ext. 224

Marc Coombs, Mayor
Phone: 905-355-5003