As was reported earlier, Cramahe Fire Department responded to the above address on Friday evening.

The building at 29A King Street East appeared to have a structural compromise on the north-west wall. The building was evacuated immediately. Residents dispersed to homes of friends & family as well as motel accommodations provided by Red Cross. On Saturday evening a portion of the outer face of bricks fell away.

“The response from the various community agencies & groups as well as Cramahe Township staff has been overwhelming and we certainly greatly appreciate the support.” Ads Mayor Coombs

As of this morning Northumberland County Social Services activated a staff response plan to support displaced residents. A team has been dedicated to respond to any calls or walk-ins from individuals seeking support. Caseworkers are meeting with individuals in need of support to provide them with supply kits from the Food4All warehouse, and to assist them with planning next steps and accessing available resources. Northumberland County Social Services will continue to assess the progress of these efforts to ensure displaced residents have the initial support they need to secure alternate accommodation.

Residents of 29 King St E are encouraged to call 905-372-3329 ext 2456. If any of the evacuees need food assistance they can also call Glenda Quinn at Colborne’s Prospect Church 905-207-0059 and set up a time to meet with her at the Church. Just as an FYI, their food bank is normally open the 1st, 3rd and 4th Sunday of the month for assistance. The Church is also assisting by providing meals to those who need them.

The building owner’s structural engineer visited the site today to assess the structural integrity of the building. We are expecting a preliminary report within a few days. At that point we would expect to know when the remedial work will begin and when the building can be re-occupied.

For more information:
Craig Brooks, CAO
Phone: 905-355-2821, ext. 224

Marc Coombs, Mayor
Phone: 905-355-5003