CN Safety program teaches more elementary-school-age children about rail safety

Little Obie, a scale model of a CN locomotive, comes with a flatcar and caboose. The brainchild of former employee Paul Rose, Little Obie helps educate kids about the dangers of playing near the railroad tracks — in a fun and informative way. Little Obie was named after Donald R. Obie Bryant, Safety Director of I.C. Johnson Yard in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Obie, is a six-foot high, scale model of a CN locomotive. CN Police promote rail safety with Obie to thousands of children at community events across Canada and the United States.

In order to teach even more elementary-school-age children about rail safety, we’ve brought Obie to life on this web site. Obie and his engineer friend, Max, welcome kids into a wonderful world of fun. At the same time, kids learn about rail safety guidelines and why it’s vital to follow Obie’s Safety Tips.

Concerned parents, teachers and all adults who want children to be safe to reinforce these messages.