The Colborne Public School has an Early Act Club that is starting an important project to collect milk bags from the community.  The Early Act Club consists of students who are interested in volunteering to benefit their school, community, and global communities.

The club is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Colborne and works with the school staff and students to foster goodwill, understanding, and peace.  The student participants are provided with opportunities to develop leadership skills and improve the quality of life of others. 

The Early Act members are collecting milk bags which will be woven into sleeping mats to prevent individuals from sleeping on cold and damp ground.  The bags are very durable, last 25 years, are UV ray resistant, washable and don’t retain moisture. The mats are also resistant to insects due to the milk left on the plastic. These colourful bags are cut into strips and woven or crocheted into mats and pillows.

The mats have been sent around the world and are also used in Canada for the homeless population.  The milk bags are provided to women in third world countries so that they can weave the bags into mats but also can be used for other products such as handbags and rugs as a mechanism to give them an income to provide for their families.  

The Early Act members are collecting the milk bags at their school.  They have also put collection boxes in Foodland, the library, and Mac’s Milk three locations in Colborne so that the community can donate bags for this project.  The outer bags that hold the 3 bags of milk are used for the donation.  It is important that the bags are not washed in order be insect resistant. 

Story by Cheryl Sams