Typically, Cramahe Now has taken the path away from council meeting reporting since Bob Owen retired. However, in the pursuit of two way communication here is the email response from Deputy Mayor Sandra Arthur to a press release on Friday May 12th, 2017 by Mayor Marc Coombs.

The original press release is unedited as submitted by Mayor Marc Coombs on Friday May 12th.

LINK HERE: http://www.cramahenow.com/?p=7260

Below is the unedited response by Deputy Mayor Sandra Arthur on May 12th.

Cramahe Now was not present at the Council meeting and has published both parties response to the issues as they reported first hand.

One can only hope that this council can work for the betterment of the community to move past ongoing communications and procedural issues lest we waste valuable resources. i.e tax dollars


An email response from Deputy Mayor Sandra Arthur to a Friday afternoon press release by Mayor Marc Coombs. (see link above)

From Deputy Mayor Sandra Arthur to Cramahe Sr. Staff and members of the media

RE: Press Release attached – Cramahe Township –


Council meetings are, in fact, the forum for our business and discussions. Raising questions, seeking answers, does not reflect badly on our municipal staff.  I have praised them for the work they do and
contributions they make.

Our Senior staff knows,  or should know, that questions and  clarifications of information are part and parcel of the responsibilities of us all.

I am committed to open, honest and professional business dealings, conducted with respect.

Why are we not having this discussion in the Council forum where it belongs?