photo: Ian Simpson

Mitchell Cox

The stars were certainly out for The Mill at Piper Creek Arts and Heritage Centre’s major fund-raising event, the “Starlight Dinner and Silent Auction, which took place at the Concert Hall at Victoria Hall in Cobourg Saturday, April 29.

Candace Cox

About 110 well-dressed people attended the first formal fundraiser by the Piper Creek Heritage crew. They have held other events in and around Castleton that were less formal. One of the founders of the non-profit project to turn the historic mill into an arts centre, Mitchell Cox says there are more fun fundraisers planned. The centre needs the money this year to put a new skin on the building as well as replace all the windows. Once that is completed renovations on the interior will begin.

Billed as an evening of Cabaret entertainment Candace Cox was the MC for the evening, between musical acts she entertained the audience with some historical tidbits about the history of cabarets starting in the 1600’s.

Fred Cory & Deborah Henderson

Musical entertainers included Mitchell Cox and Carol Hasek on piano, Fred Cory on flute, Deborah Henderson on violin, Stefan Hannigin on everything Celtic along with Steve Rapos, Greg Ward, Ron Parker and Allana Jenish.

It was the singers who seemed to garner the most applause. Dr Kent Fisher’s voice reached to the rafters when he sang, “O Solo Mio.” Stylish Ian Simpson surprised many when he sang, “When You Wish Upon a Star” in Japanese. Kathryn Humphries thrilled with her operatic version of Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen. Then sat down to accompany herself most wonderfully on the harp. 

Micheal Gelman and Deborah Smith performed a few comedy skits. And, oh, Kathryn sang a West Side Story duet with Fabian Arciniegas who following that poured out a gutsy version of Por Una Cabeza.

While he wasn’t billed as an entertainer Harry Warner the auctioneer for the evening put on a good show trying to squeeze as much as he could out of the audience in support of the restoration of the building.

Tina Moorey with her On The Side Gourmet Food catering service provided a lovely buffet dinner. She is in the centre of the photo with Jeanne Beker and Ian MacInnes.

Sponsors who helped out with the evening included: Douglas Hotte of Terrequity Realty, Kim Etherington with Kim and Sam Royal Heritage Realty, Home Hardware Colborne, and Northumberland Veterinarian Service, as well as Chauncy Perry of Flourishes Flower Shop in Colborne.