Stay-at-home mom Stephanie Valois opened Divine Earthly Roots in November. An online and store front source of healing and aromatherapy gemstone jewellery.

“Something I have always been interested in the holistic and healing.. and (with) gemstones I decided to bring the worlds together and make aroma therapy jewellery.. for healing purposes.

She started out creating her “malas” for just her friends and family but was soon encouraged to do it as a business.

Malas are a string of beads traditionally used in prayer and meditation. Malas are made from gemstones that are specific to the wearer. Malas are also called mala beads, Buddhist beads or prayer beads.

She uses, “Semi-precious gemstones amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz. Gemstones have energy that works with our energy to help heal certain things … they do physical healing, emotional healing, mental healing. They are not something that is going to cure somebody. They are meant to be an assistance in the healing process. I have people looking for emotional stability and people who deal with chronic pain.”

“People come and tell me a little bit about themselves and I recommend gemstones. I send them a picture so they can visualize it … then they pick the ones they are drawn to the most. Often without realizing it they are drawn to the stones that are meant for them. So they may not tell me in great detail what they are looking for but I will suggest stones they are looking for and then they will say, “Oh, wow, that is exactly what I was looking for.’”

“Then I add the aroma therapy ability to it. They are able to put essential oils on the jewellery and that is an added healing benefit”

She says she has heard back that her jewellery has helped people with their pain. Stephanie also helps children.

“I had a couple of little ones in school who were having trouble with the social aspect and so I created something to help them with their confidence and self-esteem. And the moms have come back and said what a difference it has made.”

“I find that people who are looking for something natural (the malas) give them the ability to find something that works for them. Because what works for me won’t work for you. Totally different. Because there is such a variation in the gemstones, we can really find what works for somebody.”

Her gemstones are used in: aroma therapy bracelets, aroma therapy necklaces, aroma clips, 108 bead traditional malas with tassels and a 54 bead half malas with a pendent. There are even malas for the car to hang from the rear view mirror (rather than have a chemical scent in your car you can have an essential oil applied to a mala). There are chakra pendents and children’s amber and healing gemstones. Plus she offers four blended essential oils.

“Lava stone beads are in everything. They are what I use for the essential oil. Just put a drop on them. Because they are porous they suck it in. They become like a personal diffuser. You don’t have to wash them. The oil just evaporates.”

To find out more watch Stephanie’s social media page where she posts her latest creations and for a physical look visit, Lotsastuff in Colborne, TNS Health Food store and the Aluna Yoga Studio in Cobourg.

“I just want to bring a healthy alternative to people’s lives,” says Stephanie.

info: 9 Thornlea Road Colborne: Divine Earthly Roots: (94) Divine Earthly Roots –