12246914_968416706537713_2506356071918804016_nFree service is very useful and very free to use and is available to residents across the province.

On February 11, National 211 Day asks individuals to learn and share information about the vital service. United Way and 211 both work to improve lives locally.

“There is an ongoing partnership between United Way and 211,” said Lynda Kay, Northumberland United Way CEO. “United Way works to provide support to local organizations in the human and social service sector, and 211 connects individuals to them.”

211 is a database with over 60,000 community and social services across Ontario that contains details, contact information, and locations. It’s a 24/7 live-answer confidential service that’s available in over 150 languages.

“By raising awareness for 211, we increase the chances someone will learn about the service and make the call that could change their life,” said Joan Macklin, Northumberland United Way Campaign Co-Chair.

A mother looking to escape a violent situation with her family, a youth with a disability looking to find purpose by volunteering in their community, a family finding healthy food at a local food bank, an unemployed individual completing their taxes and accessing outreach programs are some of the impacts we make together when you make the connection, and make the right call.

“There are thousands of programs available in Ontario to help residents stay well, but knowing how to access and navigate those services continues to be a barrier,” said Karen Milligan, Ontario 211 Services’ Director of Partnership Development. “211 provides an easy channel or front door for people to get information and assistance that will address their needs.”

Find the solutions you’ve been searching for, Dial 2-1-1. For more information on 211, visit 211ontario.ca or dial 2-1-1 today. Improving lives locally.

Learn about United Way and donate online by visiting, www.mynuw.org, or call us at (905) 372-6955/Toll free 1-800-833-0002, or visit United Way at 600 William Street, Suite 700, Cobourg.

Northumberland United Way is the largest non-governmental funder of health and social services in Northumberland County. United Way’s commitment is to provide stability to three main focus areas; All That Kids Can Be, From Poverty to Possibility, and Strong Communities through the  Community Fund and Community Impact Grants.

When you join United Way’s movement as a donor, volunteer, or advocate you become a funder, educator, researcher, and partner to the people who need our support. United Way’s 2015 campaign goal is to improve 24,000 lives locally by raising over one million dollars to invest into programs and partnerships countywide that help Northumberland thrive.