Story & Photos by Mae Thompson

50% off selected inventory, Saturday, November 21 and Sunday, November 22 is the annual open house at Hoselton Sculptures in Colborne.

CN_Nov9th_453_Local artisans join the renowned sculpture suppliers to celebrate local business and the approach of the beloved holiday season. This event gives local artisans a chance to share their product. The artisans are invited because they don’t have an outlet to sell from and are usually home-based; it’s an opportunity to present themselves in a community setting.

Hoselton is a great supporter of local business and local community. The open house has been a staple of the business for over 20 years. There is another element to the event; every year a local charity is invited to share in the event. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness and educate individuals on their contribution to the local community.

“The open house, with the studio full of twinkling Christmas lights, has become a tradition at Hoselton,” said Jan Hoselton, Owner. “It is a much anticipated event by our team, friends, family, and community.”

This year, Northumberland United Way with sponsorship from the Rotary Club of Colborne will join the event. United Way is an organization dedicated to creating lasting impact in Northumberland. Northumberland United Way is in the midst of the annual fundraising campaign. 2014 brought many milestones for the organization, number one being the million-dollar achievement, followed by the revelation that 22,000 lives were improved locally because of the community investments made by United Way last year.

United Way has set out to raise enough funds in 2015 to improve 24,000 lives, nearly one quarter of Northumberland’s population.

“The annual open house is an opportunity to share our space with artisans, and raise awareness for a local charity,” said Jan. “This year, Northumberland United Way is our charity of choice with sponsorship from the Rotary club of Colborne.”

With United Way raising awareness for the annual campaign and its support for the 211 service half of the proceeds for the item number 211, a commemorative beaver plate, will go to support the organization.

United Way has many facets that contribute to supporting programs and services on a local, national and global level. One element, to be showcased at the Hoselton open house, is 211 a service that offers assistance to individuals experiencing crisis in areas such as alternative housing, financial support, access to food, and much more. It’s a number to dial when you aren’t sure where else to turn.

Make a visit to Hoselton Sculptures, 124 Percy Street, Colborne, from 9am to 4pm on November 21 and 22. For more information about Hoselton Sculptures visit,, or call, (905) 355-3933.

For more information on Northumberland United Way, visit