Story by Mae Thompson

They call him the one-man band


When Cale Crowe takes the stage the room goes quiet with anticipation. His performances start slow and build; by the end you’re awestruck. Cale performs solo, but if you close yours eyes he sounds like a full band.

His genre is a range of acoustic pop with folk and R&B influences. It’s Cale’s ability to add depth and his own unique touch to every song that is captivating.

By incorporating a loop station into his performance Cale creates music that is entrancing. He is the definition of a true artist, someone who multitasks and can use all his senses to turn any song into a work of art.

“I have been a musician since I was 13.” Cale shared. “I was inspired to become a performer and to sing because I’ve always found difficulty expressing myself.”

What most people may find terrifying, it is looking out a large groups of people that Cale enjoys. There is a story to be told through his music to the people coming and going in their individual lives.


Listen to Cale on on CBC Music HERE

Cale performs with the hope to connect people who otherwise would never meet. Dreams to take his talent to larger audiences
where he can continue to make connections and new experiences is on his horizon.

“Music has always been the backdrop to my life and how I live it,” Cale said.

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